Cleaner Havering campaign launched

Tue 23 April 2019, 1:31 pm

A £400,000 campaign aimed at making Havering cleaner and tidier was launched in April.

The Cleaner Havering campaign will see an increase in the frequency of cleaning in residential streets, from once every three weeks to every two weeks.

Along with the investment, the campaign will support and encourage residents to join in community clean-ups and encourage more reporting of fly-tipping and littering, increasing enforcement action around both.

It is also raising awareness around the disposal of dog mess and actions against those dropping chewing gum in the street, while continuing as one of the councils in the country to offer a weekly rubbish and recycling collection.

The council has also pledged to increase efforts to keep local rivers and parks clean and healthy.

Councillor Damian White, leader of Havering Council, said: “Like everybody in the borough, we are proud to live here and we have listened to our residents. This means we are now investing an extra £400,000 to increase the frequency of our street cleaning to help keep Havering special.

“We also want to highlight those who persist in blighting our borough with littering, fly-tipping, dropping chewing gum and not clearing up their dog mess.”

White said this was why residents needed to do their part and work with the council, to change people’s behaviours by reporting fly tipping and littering.

“[We want to] take the strongest action against those who act irresponsibly. We also want help get the message out to those people who think it is ok to spoil our beautiful borough. They should know that they can’t mess with Havering.”




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